What is Rett Syndrome ?


Rett syndrome is a unique postnatal neurological disorder that is rst recognized in infancy and seen almost always in girls, but can be rarely seen in boys. Rett syndrome has been most often misdiagnosed as autism, cerebral palsy, or non-specic developmental delay Rett syndrome is caused by mutations on the X chromosome on a gene called MECP2. There are more than 200 dierent mutations found on the MECP2 gene. Most of these mutations are found in eight dierent “hot spots.” Rett syndrome strikes all racial and ethnic groups, and occurs worldwide in 1 of every 10,000 female births. Rett syndrome is a postnatal neurological disorder. It is not a degenerative disorder.

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News Medical: Rett Syndrome

It is a parent's nightmare: a child is born apparently healthy, then stops meeting developmental milestones at one year old. Her verbal and motor skills vanish, and irregular breathing, seizures, and a host of other problems appear.

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