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Disability Horizons

New Disability Horizons writer Wolf, who is from New Zealand, is about to embark on a four-month-long adventure as he travels to a number of cities across the world, including

The post Surviving a stroke: living life to the fullest and travelling around the world appeared first on Disability Horizons.

After watching jaw-dropping negativity of disability in a film, our Deputy Editor Shannon Kelly was compelled to write an article exploring the representation of disabled people in films and on

The post What do you think of how people with disabilities are portrayed in films and on TV? appeared first on Disability Horizons.

Disabled mum Fi Anderson, who has muscular dystrophy, shares her blog post on the most useful baby products and gadgets that have helped her adjust to being a disabled mum.

The post Disability and parenting: top baby products for disabled mums appeared first on Disability Horizons.

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