We are parents of children with disabilities. We are concerned that other families, who are living the same experience of raising a child with a disability, are not receiving key information that will change the course of their life for the better. We provide knowledge and awareness to our peers so that their child can reach their highest potential.
Although it is understandably difficult to raise a child with a disability it should also bring joy and inspiration. All of us at Online Disability Help have experienced moments of desperation where we were unsure what we needed to do to support our child; we want to spare you this experience as much as possible or, at the very least, from this moment on.
We thoroughly understand your child's right to receive a Free Appropriate Public Education; we know the law (IDEA - the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and will guide you on how to advocate effectively ensuring that your child's needs are well addressed by Special Education Supports and Services.
We know the policies of your school district in regards to Special Education, as well as the process for Early Intervention (birth to 2 yrs) and Preschool Diagnostic Intervention Services (3-5 yrs) in your area.
We are aware of the various government agencies and the programs they provide specifically for children with disabilities, along with therapy centers, private schools, physicians, specialists, after school programs, tutors and non-profit organizations that exist in your area.

Our collective life experience with a wide range of disabilities helps us develop a plan of action for you to follow that will give you peace of mind knowing that you have gained full awareness of what your options are in regards to school and community supports.


When we practice gratitude, our hearts can hold both sorrow and joy.


If we do not have the answer readily available - we will do the research to obtain a satisfactory answer for you.  


All our Special Education & Community Resource Specialists are parents of children with disabilities. We rely on over 20 years of combined experience with our own children and have not only supported them to succeed, we have also assisted countless others to do the same. With that said, the information we provide is not intended to replace or supersede that of a professional such as: teachers, therapists, physicians or psychologists.

Our collective philosophy is one of perspective and of gratitude. We are inspired by the following poem:

May you be blessed with a child who defies you, so you may learn to release control. 
Who doesn't listen, so you may learn to tune in. 
Who loves to procrastinate, so you learn beauty of stillness. 
Who forgets things, so you learn to let go of attachments. 
Who is extra-sensitive, so you learn to be grounded. 
Who is inattentive, so you learn to be focused. 
Who dares to rebel, so you learn to think outside the box. 
Who feels afraid, so you learn to trust the Universe. 
May you be blessed with a child who teaches you it is never about them, and all about you.
Dr. Shefali